Welcome to your Salesforce Craft Beer Virtual tasting!
December 20th 2021

You're just a couple of steps away from enjoying your Beer Tasting

Once you receive your tasting pack follow the steps below to get ready for your virtual tasting experience.

Virtual Beer Tasting

How to store beer?

Important, keep your beers in a vertical position to avoid oxidation and avoid sediments of yeast in your glass of beer. Also, keep them away from direct light.


The perfect temperature for your beer is 10 degrees. That said it’s pretty unlikely that you have  a beer cellar. So you will have to store them in your fridge at a lower temperature. Remember to take them out 30 minutes before the tasting to taste them in the best conditions.

How long does beer last?

Our advice is to drink them during the tasting once opened.  Please don’t give in to temptation and drink them before! There are craft beers that last well if maintained in perfect storing conditions. But if you want to get the most of the hops of an IPA it’s sooner rather later.

Type of glass

The right glass for the right beer tasting is a long debated topic. Get some of our tips here. 

Please wet your glass before pouring if possible.  This allows a good head to form and enhances the aromas of the beer.

When did you try your first beer?

How we get acquainted with beer is such a journey, some of us have been shy and others have already tasted all the beers on the planet and chosen their favourite. 

Wherever you are in the journey we hope you enjoy the beers we sent you and feel ready to discover something new.

Pairing tips from our beer sommelier

If you have received other products for pairing follow the instructions above. For now let us say that we can pair beer with everything! Music, trips, art, cinema and of course the master of all – Food!

You can find plenty of tips online we suggest:

IPAs · matured cheese
LAGER · Seafood
STOUT · Chili, patatas bravas
HELLES LAGER · Bratwurst
DOPPELBLOCK · Roasted pork
BROWN ALES · Pumpkin
PORTER · Black chocolate

How to get ready for the session

Prepare your beers

Just 5 minutes before the session, take your beers out from the fridge. Prepare 4 glasses and a bottle opener.

Choose the right place

Choose a nice place for your tasting, a comfy armchair maybe? It would be better if it’s a smoke free environment. 

Please do not use toothpaste just before the tasting it will change the taste and aromas of your beers

How to taste beer?

Eyes · Nose · Mouth

This is the simple pattern to follow, no worries if you have never done it  we’ll explain how to do it and together we’ll start creating your own ‘bank of aromas’.

Your Host

Your beer sommelier for the evening is Dany who will be connecting from Madrid in Spain. Dani is a certified beer sommelier but most of all he’s a passionate #beerlover with a lot of experience in presential and virtual tastings. 

Tools to prepare

You have received a tasting pack with:

1 X outer range IPA

1 X Sori stout

1 X weihenstephan hfe weizsn

1 X Meesterstuck 2022

Fancy a snack?

Something easy will do, cheese, bread, ham and charcuterie, black chocolate.

However if you fancy some more cooking maybe you can prepare smoked salmon tartelette or even a roasted pork.

We would like to know...

Which of these beers do you think you will like the most?