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Your Virtual Choco&Beer Tasting is nearly here

Below you’ll find all the details regarding the event on Friday, Feb 18th 4.30-6.00 pm CET

On Feb 1st we’ll send the tasting kit to your address with the beers and the chocolates and it should be with you by Monday, February 7th. In case of any issues with the delivery or missing package, please contact as soon as possible Rocío Irún Calles

You will receive 3 beers and 4 types of chocolates! When you receive your tasting pack, please open it and follow the instructions below to store the products before the tasting. Please save the products for the event day!

For the instructions on how to connect on the day of the tasting please click here


The beers for your tasting

You will receive:

Ayinger Celebrator Bot. 33 cl Doppelbock 6,5%

As de piques (IPA) (Cataluña) Bot. 33 cl IPA 6,5%

Samuel Smith Imperial Stout Bot. 33 cl Imperial Stout. 7%

And for those who have selected the  alcohol free option you will receive:

Clausthaler Original Bot. 33 cl Lager

IPA Komodín (Cataluña) AS Cerveses Bot. 33 cl IPA 0,7%

Weihenstephan Hefe Weiss Sin Bot. 33 cl Trigo

How to store beer?

Important, keep your beers in a vertical position to avoid oxidation and avoid sediments of yeast in your glass of beer. Also, keep them away from direct light.


The perfect temperature for your beer is 10 degrees. That said it’s pretty unlikely that you have  a beer cellar. So you will have to store them in your fridge at a lower temperature. Remember to take them out 15 minutes before the tasting to taste them in the best conditions.

How long does beer last?

Our advice is to drink them during the tasting once opened.  Please don’t give in to temptation and drink them before! There are craft beers that last well if maintained in perfect storing conditions. But if you want to get the most of the hops of an IPA it’s sooner rather later.

Type of glass

The right glass for the right beer tasting is a long debated topic. Get some of our tips here. 

Please wet your glass before pouring if possible.  This allows a good head to form and enhances the aromas of the beer.

Pairing tips from our beer sommelier

If after the tasting you still have some beer left we suggest some snacks for your beers, or maybe you liked them so much and want to buy some more for your next dinner party?

Here you have some ideas:

  • As de piques – Rice noodle with your favourite prawns and teriyaki sauce
  • Samuel Smith Imperial Stour – a tasty veggie treat: Portobello and Stilton cheese Melts see here the recipe
  • Ayinger – Roasted Pork Ribs
  • Clausthaler Original – Iberian ham
  • IPA Komodín – Chicken Fajita (recipe here)
  • Weihenstephan  – a refreshing salad with red apple and raisins


catas de chocolate online_inicio_tasting in

You will receive:

In your tasting pack you will find 4 different chocolates:

  • Black chocolate with caramel and Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Black chocolate with orange confit
  • Milk chocolate with almonds and caramel
  • Black chocolate 70%

How to store them

Treat chocolates as you would treat your red wines, keep them in a dry and cool place. They don’t like temperature changes, nor too cold or too hot environments.

Let us give you a couple of rules here…

Don’t put them in the fridge!

Don’t eat them before the tasting, we’ll find out!


Serving temperature

We don’t expect you to measure the temperature of your chocolates, just make sure they are at room temperature.


You might want to try your chocolates with wine or even in a chili salad!

Cocoa is a super food, really good for both your energy level and your soul, there are so many foods you can combine chocolate with, do you have a favourite?

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On the Day of the Tasting · How to Get Ready

  • Take your beers out from the fridge 15 minutes before the tasting.
  • Prepare 3 beer glasses and bottle opener
  • Prepare your chocolates on the table
  • A notepad and a pen

How to Connect on the Day of the Tasting

Here you’ll find the Zoom Link to connect with us. 


To connect to the tasting please click follow the link below:

Zoom Link: https://autodesk.zoom.us/j/94537919835?pwd=aE1OUHQycktPV01ybHpxUEZxakZtUT09

Meeting ID: 945 3791 9835

Password: 316643


If you’re not sure on how to connect to a Zoom video call then please follow these instructions here.

Please connect a few minutes earlier so we can start at 4.30pm. After the tasting you will be able to stay connected and keep enjoying your beers and chocolates together.