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bean-to-bar chocolate tasting is nearly here!

Join the chocolate revolution

Connect with us on Friday 9th December 2022 at 3pm CET (see your connection details at the bottom of the page)
Your host is Cristina Castellano Stephens, our Mexican-British chocolate expert who will connect with you from San Sebastian (Spain).
This tasting “Join the chocolate revolution” will be an informal and relaxed session, you will learn how chocolate is made, what ‘bean-to-bar’ chocolates are and taste chocolate like you’ve never tasted before.
Get to know the creative process behind the chocolate and learn how to pair these magical products, delve into the pleasure and allow yourself to indulge in the food of the Gods.

Bean to Bar Chocolate Tasting Kit

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You will receive:

In your tasting pack you will find four different chocolates made by artisan chocolate makers who carefully select their cocoa beans and make the whole process in their workshop, from the bean to the bar. These are the chocolates we are going to discover:

  • White chocolate “Biancomangiare” by Aruntam
  • Milk chocolate “Feliu” 48% Soconusco
  • Dark chocolate 70% “Cusco de Perú”  by Tesoro Amazonico
  • Dark chocolate 70% Soconusco by Lurka

How to store them

Treat chocolates as you would treat your red wines, keep them in a dry and cool place. They don’t like temperature changes, nor too cold or too hot environments.

Let us give you a couple of rules here…

Don’t put them in the fridge!

Don’t eat them before the tasting, we’ll find out!


Serving temperature

We don’t expect you to measure the temperature of your chocolates, just make sure they are at room temperature.


You might want to try your chocolates with wine or even in a chili salad!

Cocoa is a super food, really good for both your energy level and your soul, there are so many foods you can combine chocolate with, do you have a favourite?

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On the Day of the Tasting


  • Prepare on the table your 4 chocolates
  • Open your aroma wheel
  • A notepad and a pen
  • A glass of water or some plain bread or breadsticks

How to Connect on the Day of the Tasting

Here you’ll find the Zoom Link to connect with us. 


Join us on Zoom! Connect with us to enjoy the tasting session with the following link: 


Meeting ID: 884 7700 5749

Passcode: Dell09


If you’re not sure on how to connect to a Zoom video call then please follow these instructions here.

Please connect a few minutes earlier so we can start at 3pm CET.