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THE original spirit of the Bean to Bar movement represents high levels of quality control, starting from the selection of the cacao beans in their place of origin right through to the end product of the chocolate bar. The idea behind the concept is that this is all done in-house with exacting quality standards throughout the whole process from start to finish. Some multi-national companies do control the full process and have adopted the Bar to Bean tag but the true sense of the label suggests quality, artisan production of fine chocolate with a business ethos based on transparent, organic, fair-trade.

To be able to produce fine chocolate of this quality the chocolate maker (not to be confused with a chocolatier) needs tons of experience, dedication, a true passion for their craft and overwhelming desire to share flavours from the far flung corners of the globe with their clients. These attributes perfectly represent the kind of experiences foodies around the world seek. Tasting sessions directly with the chocolate makers allow us to experience that passion and appreciate just how much dedication goes into bringing the delectable chocolate treats to our eager taste buds.

Virtual Chocolate Tastings with Kankel Cocoa

So it’s with great pleasure that we can welcome to Tasting IN the very epitome of the passionate bean to bar chocolate makers, KANKEL COCOA. This very special Virtual Chocolate Tasting is guided by the award winning chocolate maker, Juan Ángel Rodrigálvarez. KANKEL encapsulates all the authentic values of Bean to Bar Chocolate making. Their cocoa beans are personally selected from small scale local farmers according to Fair Trade standards and have been chosen after undergoing an intensive selection process of over 70 different cocoa variations.

Juan Angel takes you through the whole process of selection which includes magical words such as; roasting, grinding, refining, conching, tempering and moulding. These intriguing processes will lead you to the special magical moment of tasting these exquisite chocolates that span flavours from the most prestigious cocoa growing regions of the world.

Premium Bean to Bar Tasting Experiences

KANKEL offers various virtual chocolate tastings which allow you to connect personally with Juan Ángel in his workshop in La Rioja, Spain from the comfort of your home or business. With the premium virtual tasting you will receive five 75gm bars of Bar to Bean fine chocolate with their origins in Perú, India, Philippines, Uganda, Madagascar, a tasting sheet, complimentary wine truffles and a discount code for your second purchase. The chocolate tasting is suitable for one person up to 12 people in the same location. KANKEL also offers two more options of Virtual Chocolate Tastings which you can find here.

Chocolate Tasting Videos On Demand

There is also the option of the Chocolate Tasting On Demand. You still get to taste and savour the chocolates from your home or business but instead of connecting live with KANKEL you get access to pre-recorded online tasting videos with your purchase of the bars.

Virtual Chocolate Tastings are a perfect way to treat yourself, your partner, friends and family or to treat your colleagues (discounts are available for multiple business tastings). The virtual tastings are a perfect gift, after all, who doesn’t like chocolate and this personal, memorable experience makes this special chocolate an even more special indulgence.

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