Craft Beer Destraperlo Tailored Tasting

At Destraperlo we open our doors to anyone who wants to learn more about the exciting and vibrant world of craft beer. Ones you purchase the tasting we will  get in touch with you and you will be able to choose between 4 different types from our catalogue of beers. We  will send you 2 beer for each type, you will get a box of 8 beers in total. A MINIMUM ORDER OF 8 BOTTLES IS REQUIRED FOR DELIVERY TO UK AND EUROPE. PLEASE ADD YOUR ADDITIONAL CASE HERE. Delivery of the 4 pack option (included in the the tasting price) is only available on the Spanish mainland. You can enjoy this experience from the comfort of your house, on your own or with your private party.
  • How it works: when you buy this personalized tasting, we will contact you to specify the day and time (you will have up to 2 months time to do it). We will send you the tasting kit with the 4 beers and a few days before the tasting we will contact you with the link to connect.
Do you want to share this private experience with your friends and have everyone connect from their own home? You can add more connections with the button ‘add to cart‘ – we will send the tasting kit to the respective addresses of each of the participants.

Craft Beer Destraperlo, beers only

This is an additional beer case for Destraperlo Craft Beer tasting including 4 extra beers to enjoy with your tasting. If you are going to be more than 3 people at home on the day of the tasting, buy this additional box. Each box of  4 bottles of beer is enough for 3 people to enjoy the experience. You can also buy this pack if you simply want us to send you more wine to consume on another occasion. THIS PRODUCT CAN ONLY BE PURCHASED AS A COMPLEMENT TO A TASTING
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