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Craft Beer Destraperlo Tailored Tasting

At Destraperlo we open our doors to anyone who wants to learn more about the exciting and vibrant world of craft beer. Ones you purchase the tasting we will  get in touch with you and you will be able to choose between 4 different types from our catalogue of beers. We  will send you 2 beer for each type, you will get a box of 8 beers in total. A MINIMUM ORDER OF 8 BOTTLES IS REQUIRED FOR DELIVERY TO UK AND EUROPE. PLEASE ADD YOUR ADDITIONAL CASE HERE. Delivery of the 4 pack option (included in the the tasting price) is only available on the Spanish mainland. You can enjoy this experience from the comfort of your house, on your own or with your private party.
  • How it works: when you buy this personalized tasting, we will contact you to specify the day and time (you will have up to 2 months time to do it). We will send you the tasting kit with the 4 beers and a few days before the tasting we will contact you with the link to connect.
Do you want to share this private experience with your friends and have everyone connect from their own home? You can add more connections with the button ‘add to cart‘ – we will send the tasting kit to the respective addresses of each of the participants.

Private Tasting: Specialty Chocolate, 6 origins


«TREE TO BAR» Virtual Chocolate journey to 6 remote origins recognized by the best chefs in the world!

A private 90 minutes masterclass about the impressive world of cacao, where you will learn to recognize its impact and its quality. Taste the rare and preserve it!

The experience includes:

  •  A Masterclass about the chocolate journey
  • 6 single variety chocolates to taste for 1 – 4 users
  • 2 single variety 70g bars as a gift
  • A tasting sheet
  • 2 planted trees per kit
  • A discount on future purchases

NOTE: The price is for per connection and not per person This tasting is perfect to experienec by yourself, in a small family-friends group or for bigger teambuildings. We suggest 1 kit every 1-4 atendees. You can add more  tasting kits here.

Private Virtual Tasting: Spanish Jamón Experience, 1-3 pax

With this ham tasting you savour 3 selected types of ham from Spain and will discover the different types of Spanish ham from the expert Giampaolo Scardala de Chicamon in Turin.
I will tell you how they are produced, the differences between Dop, Igp and Etg and we will taste them together. When you sign up for this tasting I will send you a tasting kit with 3 types of hand-cut ham:
  • 100 gr Serrano hams
  • 100 gr Iberian field bait ham
  • 100 gr Iberico acorn-fed Pata Negra ham
Includes the virtual personalized tasting session of 1 hour approx. You can sign up with family and friends, the price is per connection and not per person

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Wine Tasting of 3 Italian Wines of the Nebbiolo Grape Variety

Tasting of 3 different wines made with the same grape, the "Nebbiolo" In the tasting we will learn everything about the "Nebbiolo" grape and its elaboration in different areas and even regions of Italy from the hand of Giampaolo Scardala from Chicamon in Turin. By signing up for this tasting, I am sending you a tasting kit with 3 wines made with nebbiolo grapes: 1 x 750 ml bottle of Nebbiolo d'Alba, Deltetto 1 x 750 ml bottle of Nebbiolo Langhe, Ferdinando Principiano 1 x 750ml bottle of Nebbiolo, Vietti Includes virtual personalized tasting session of 1 hour approx. You can sign up with family and friends, the price is per connection and not per person Find more online wine tastings here