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Private Virtual Tasting: Spanish Jamón Experience, 1-3 pax

With this ham tasting you savour 3 selected types of ham from Spain and will discover the different types of Spanish ham from the expert Giampaolo Scardala de Chicamon in Turin.
I will tell you how they are produced, the differences between Dop, Igp and Etg and we will taste them together. When you sign up for this tasting I will send you a tasting kit with 3 types of hand-cut ham:
  • 100 gr Serrano hams
  • 100 gr Iberian field bait ham
  • 100 gr Iberico acorn-fed Pata Negra ham
Includes the virtual personalized tasting session of 1 hour approx. You can sign up with family and friends, the price is per connection and not per person

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