Kankel Bean to Bar Chocolate Pack

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Philippines, Madagascar, Perú, Uganda and India (75gr each)
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Tropical fruitiness on the palate with a refreshing touch from this exotic origin.  It’s taste takes you right to its source in the Philppines.  Juan Angel’s mission was to transport us to Tupi region of the Philippines and this bar really does achieve that.


The slight bitterness and the tropical acidic tones are reminiscent of passion fruit with dried fruits . Its color and marbling reflect the snowy mountain ranges and the Titicaca plateau from where this amazing taste come from. Travel note: the Matsiguengas indigenous people still use it today as a commercial exchange currency.


From Venezuela to Mexico, then to the Philippines, passing through Java, to finish in Madagascar, the red island. A fertile soil in which the mixture spreads, amalgamates it and favours the red fruit acidity that surrounds this variety.  Travel note: today the plantation of a retired Swedish diplomat named Bertil Akesson treasures a cocoa of unsurpassed quality, a stranded globetrotter.


Fresh and tangy, the fruity aromas of ripe mango coexist with spicy woods. India has something that envelops everything, that permeates all with contrasts and transcendence.Travel note: The British East India Company was a pioneer in bringing the first cocoa beans from Indonesia to India. Small cooperatives of hardworking farmers have developed an agriculture there that fascinates and amazes in equal measure.


Elegant and complex, delicate and deep, the duality that is manifested in the varieties of this area is extremely attractive. Red berries, honey and hazelnuts rush over yout tastebuds with pickled sensations of figs and dates with a subtle finish of notes of toffee and grape. Travel note: In the Semuliki forest, a corner of Uganda, the small farmers who grow cocoa are sowing a future and prosperity.

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