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Virtual Tastings for Business

Virtual online tasting events are the ideal solution for virtual team-building events, virtual office parties, corporate rewards, casual Fridays, virtual client engagement and informal meetings. More and more businesses are working remotely in multiple locations around the country or globe. Multi-location meetings on platforms such as Zoom and Teams are now commonplace and events like Virtual Wine Tastings for Business provide the ideal solution to bring together team members in an informal, relaxed but familiar setting.

Travel restrictions due to COVID19 have also made it much more difficult for teams to meet up for informal events or business lunches but it is still important to find ways to rewards team members and enjoy some downtime together.

Virtual tastings are an interesting and fun way to unwind and try quality products such as wine, beers, champagne and gourmet products like ham, cheese and chocolate tastings.  Drinks and food can be combined and non-alcoholic options are available.

A typical situation is that team members are spread around different countries but via Tasting IN all members receive the produce at their different locations. So for example, for a virtual wine tasting event, participants’ wine box are shipped to the multiple destinations before the tasting event time. All parties are sent details of how to connect at the pre-arranged time with the winemaker and participate in the virtual tasting.

All tastings can be presented in the language of your choice and some options of personalisation are available with some of our tastings.

There are many ways to organise online tastings such as blind tastings in teams, quizes, technical tastings and pairings.  We tailor the tasting to your business needs and budget.

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How much does a corporate virtual tasting cost
The biggest variant for cost is the product you want to taste but also the shipping. On the Tasting IN platform you will find wines that range from fruity young wines to artisan limited edition Grand Reserves or chocolates made by expert chocolate makers. So to get a quote just get in touch via the online form and let us know how many participants there will be, their locations and a general idea of the types of products you would like to taste or a general budget if you have it and we will get back to you with different options.

How far in advance do we need to book the virtual tasting event?
This depends on the locations of the participants but in general it will be between 7-14 days.

Is there a minimum or maximum of people that can participate in an online tasting?
On a technical level there is no minimum or maximum number of participants for a corporate virtual tasting event though keep in mind that depending on the kind of event you want to organise a higher number of participants can make the event a little less interactive o personalised.

How do we organise a virtual tasting?
You can contact us by phone, email or by the form on this page. Just let us know the approximate date, number of participants, locations of the participants and an idea of the kind of virtual tasting you are interested in.